Karin De Fleyt

Principal Lecturer: Classical Music, MA Music

Karin De Fleyt


Job Title: Principal Lecturer

Courses Taught: BA (Hons) Music (Classical), MA Music

Specialisms: Flute, Ensemble music

Karin de Fleyt (PGCE, QTS, MA) is Principal Lecturer in Classical Music. She plays the flute, alto flute, piccolo and bass flute, as well as shakuhachi and Carnatic Flute.

Karin teaches both Flute and Ensemble Music, and participates in workshops for the Composers Lab.

In Belgium, Karin teaches Pedagogics for Wind players at the Professional Teachers’ Training Programme in the School of Arts, Gent.

Karin is a performer constantly looking for new experiments for flute, often resulting in great collaborations with many well known composers. One of the most memorable is a 10-year-long collaboration with Karlheinz Stockhausen.

She studied at the Royal Music Conservatory and the Orpheus Institute, both in Gent, Belgium.

One of Karin’s prime objectives as a performer and teacher is her extensive work with young people, teaching them the techniques and skills to interpret different music styles with confidence. To this end, she regularly gives masterclasses/workshops and lecture-recitals.

Recent highlights include World premiere of Mittwoch aus Licht with the Birmingham Opera Company (2012) and her new solo album ‘Hohler Fels‘ - Metier 28555 http://www.divineartrecords.com/CD/28555info.htm

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