BA Acting Student To Make Professional Debut in 'Forgotten Fellow'

By Lauren Bickerdike


Pavanveer Sagoo, a second-year Leeds Conservatoire Acting Student, has recently been cast in a new work production of 'Forgotten Fellow'.

The production will debut at London's Lion and Unicorn Theatre from 19 - 23 April. We spoke to Pavanveer about his excitement for the upcoming role, thoughts on representation within the industry and current training at Leeds Conservatoire.

Hi Pavanveer - Can you tell us a little bit about 'Forgotten Fellow' and your role in the production?

How did you find out about the role, and can you tell us about the audition process?

This opportunity came about when my fellow actor Reece Antony played the role of casting agent and sent me a casting call requiring queer South Asian talent.

In doing so, I was sent a monologue by the team at Velvet Smoke Productions and completed a self tape. It was a few days later I found out the news! I'm overjoyed and a tad overwhelmed at the thought that I will be making my professional debut; this concept is still mind-blowing to me.

What are you most looking forward to about making your professional debut?

As a minority talent, representation is something I am so passionate about. Unfortunately, the media has a weak representation of South Asian people, let alone queer South Asian people. Honouring this truth through my own personal experiences is something so exciting for me! The industry is slowly going in the right direction, and this opportunity is solid proof of this.

How do you think your training at Leeds Conservatoire will help you throughout this project?

The Acting team at Leeds Conservatoire trains us to be the most truthful and transformative actors, powerhouses that synthesise their skills for their art. My training thus far at Leeds Conservatoire has enabled me to find my own process when it comes to my craft, working with the art of play and exploration and the whimsy that comes with that!

What is your favourite thing about studying Acting at Leeds Conservatoire?

I genuinely believe that the Acting course at Leeds Conservatoire is like no other. The way we take our craft to tell the stories we have always wanted to tell is something so special to me. I knew the course would be for me when I auditioned here, and our incredible programme leader Erin Carter stated: "If you want to tell the queer Sikh story, this is the place for it." It was there where I felt a sense of belonging, not only as a minority talent but mainly as an artist, being celebrated for my craft. If anything, this opportunity is solid proof of that; I am so lucky to be a part of a drama school that supports their talent in getting professional work alongside training. This industry is not ready for us!

Find out more about the Acting Programme at Leeds Conservatoire

Learn more about 'Forgotten Fellow' on the Lion and Unicorn Theatre website

By Lauren Bickerdike

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