MA Music Student Launches Second Music Podcast

By Lauren Bickerdike


We spoke to composer, podcaster and Leeds Conservatoire MA Music student Emma Clarke about her new podcast 'Before the Bar Opens', which will be released on 20 October.

Hear Emma introduce her new venture, as well as talk about her existing podcast, 'The Title Track', the inspiration behind her work & her experience at the conservatoire, in our video below. Plus, keep listening to hear a sneak-peek of 'Before the Bar Opens'! (Prefer to read the interview? Scroll down for the written version.)

You can listen to 'The Title Track' podcast or find out more about new podcast 'Before the Bar Opens' by heading to Emma's website.

Emma Clarke

What inspired you to start a podcast?

I was looking for podcasts about music, about writing music and about areas of music I didn't know much about. I couldn't find anything that grabbed me, so I thought - why not make my own?

I wanted to meet people across the music spectrum, and creating a podcast is a great way to do that. It's also ace fun.

What are the differences between your two podcasts, 'Before the Bar Opens' and 'The Title Track'?

Before the Bar Opens is about what happens before the music starts - literally before the bar opens! I talk to a bunch of very different people who make, use and love music.

The Title Track is about how the title of a piece of music influences how you hear it. It's a fascinating listen. I've realised that everybody hears music in different ways…and people project their own feelings onto a piece of music in a far deeper way than I could ever have imagined.

What can listeners expect from your podcast?

I hope listeners will learn something new about an aspect of music that's totally new to them. I hope they'll enjoy meeting the guests as much as I did, and I hope it inspires listeners to explore different areas of music. And I really hope listeners enjoy it.

Title Track (1)

What has been your favourite podcast moment so far?

There have been loads of fab moments! Talking to a busker about the first time he set up his one man band on a street in Manchester; talking to an expert on sung jingles about his favourite chords; talking to a satirical songwriter about how he deals with trolls; hearing how an operatic soprano warms up her voice. It's just been ace fun to do.

How are you finding Leeds Conservatoire?

I love it! I'm self-employed and I work alone so being part of something, being part of a student body, being part of the conservatoire is just amazing to me. There are loads of people to collaborate with, to learn from and brilliant staff who are there to help. It's fantastic.


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