Colin Sutton

Senior Lecturer: Popular Music, MA Music

Outside of teaching I am touring bass player for rock guitarist/singer Chantel McGregor, Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip, and the highly successful national touring theatre shows Northern Live and The Last Days of Disco. I also sometimes do harsh noise performance art shows with my duo, Rejection Ops.

Some bands I was/am a member of:

Bilbao Syndrome – Alternative metal/jazz. Album: ‘I-VI’ (Babel, 2012)
Black Diamond Bay – Slo-mo house/electro. Album: ‘Come the Desert’ (Exceptional Red Records, 2012)
Flame Griller – Hip hop. Album: ‘II’ (Independent, 2015)
Tough Crowd – Hip hop. EP: ‘We’re All In This Together’ (MJM Records, 2016); Album: ‘Tough Crowd’ (MJM Records, 2018)
Chantel McGregor – Rock. Live Album: ‘Bury’d Alive’ (2019)
Choose Your Destroyer – Hardcore/metal. EP: ‘Choose Your Destroyer’ (Townsend Music, 2019)
Rection Ops – noisecore/skronk (2020-?):

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