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To bring the Spring term to an end, last week we celebrated the hard work of all of our wonderful Leeds Junior Conservatoire students in the Spring Showcase. Here are some highlights!

This is an improvisation by Bo, which means Bo wasn't following music, but she was following her musical instincts and playing what she thought would sound good. Bo uses add2 and sus2 chords to create a light, atmospheric sound, which progresses to a powerful and grand sound.


Here is a composition by Cameron, who has used music technology to create a wonderful soundscape. Cameron has used excellent mixing techniques and control of frequency range to write a great track, which fits his chosen genre very well.


Here is Rob's Week D Band's original song - Slow Dancing. With powerful chords and strong riffs, the band already have a developed and distinctive sound.


This is a collaborative composition built on original ideas from each band member. Each section is unique, particularly the last one. After the initial recording of ideas were added together, additional layers were recorded on top as one recorded element inspired another.


Over the last few weeks, the composition students have been experimenting with different ways of structuring pieces of music. After analysing a few different pieces of music, everybody had a go at creating their own piece of music, aiming for a structure that was exciting and unpredictable. Here is 'Anybody Have a Look at the Airplane See If There's Any Holes in It' by Gwen.

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