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Note: Our Schools team are a hybrid working team, and are unable to answer phone enquiries at this time.

Meet the Team


Kate Tanner

Kate (she/her) is our Schools and Colleges Liaison Manager. She oversees our activity with schools and colleges for students in Years 9 - 13, and manages our Leeds Conservatoire Futures scheme (secondary strand). She organises Leeds Conservatoire’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate Open Days, school workshop days, internal and external student recruitment events and looks after the conservatoire’s team of student ambassadors. Kate also really enjoys speaking to students about their aspirations at school/college fairs and UCAS events across the UK.

Elle Weaver

Elle Weaver

Elle (she/her) is our Student Recruitment & Outreach Assistant. She helps organise recruitment events such as Open Days, Offer Holder Days, and Postgraduate Open Day events. Elle also works with schools and colleges to deliver workshops and learning opportunities, as well as representing Leeds Conservatoire at fairs and events, and organising campus tours.

SRT Fair

Victoria Barber

Victoria (she/her) is our Student Recruitment Manager (International). She manages our activity overseas and in the UK for recruiting International students to Leeds Conservatoire.

She regularly represents the Conservatoire at exhibitions, schools and college overseas, working with international students, school careers counsellors and our amazing network of International Representatives to discuss the fantastic opportunities we have available.

You can find out more about applying as an International student here and contact Vic at

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

  • To speak to us about the Leeds Conservatoire Futures Scheme and how to apply, email 
  • If you aren't yet a Leeds Conservatoire Futures Secondary and FE member and would like to enquire about a Key Stage 4 music or drama workshop, email
  • If you aren't yet a Leeds Conservatoire Futures Primary member and are interested in how we can support your students, email
  • If you are getting in touch from an international school, email
  • To access online resources and videos, please visit the Leeds Conservatoire Futures Hub information page to request access.
  • As a small team, requests from non-Leeds Conservatoire Futures institutions to attend careers fairs will be prioritised to Post-16 only. If you would like to invite us to your Post-16 careers fair, please email


Please note that if you have requested a workshop, a member of our team will follow up to ask you how many students on your music or drama courses are eligible for FSM, are Pupil Premium and are from ethnically diverse backgrounds. We collect this data in line with our Access and Participation plan. We specifically want to encourage students who come from low participation or ethnically diverse backgrounds to access music or drama education by increasing our engagement with these groups of students. Any data submitted to us will be treated confidentially. Data will be used for prioritisation of workshop requests, as well as being included in internal and external reporting, including to bodies such as the Office for Students only. If you have any questions regarding how we use this data, please contact

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