On-Campus Safety for Students

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Please take time to watch this video, giving you an overview of safety precautions, plus a virtual tour around the campus, highlighting the new measures that are in place.

When you arrive at Leeds Conservatoire, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines to make your experience as safe as possible.

On-Campus Safety - Arriving

You should only come to campus when you have a timetabled session, a confirmed room booking, study space booking or an appointment with a member of staff.

Guests and visitors

We are changing the arrangements for guest access to our buildings. From Thursday 15 April you can bring guests into our buildings to use a pre-booked room if it is necessary for your studies, for example if they are involved in an assessed recital, recording or project.

To request guest access for the first time:

  • Contact your Programme Leader to get their permission
  • Send confirmation from your Programme Leader to FacilitiesSupervisors@lcm.ac.uk with details of your room booking and the name of your guest at least 24 hours in advance of your guest arriving 
  • If you’ve booked a studio, copy in StudioTechnicians@lcm.ac.uk

For all future bookings involving the guest(s):

You will need to meet your guest(s) in Reception, they will be asked to show photo ID and to sign in, and they must only use a room that has been pre-booked by a Leeds Conservatoire student. Students are responsible for making sure that their guests understand and follow all of our Covid-19 safety rules.

Please plan ahead to make sure that our staff are expecting your guest(s) and can sign them in.

We will not be inviting audiences to attend concerts within the building. These activities will happen online until further notice, and we will continue to follow the government guidance on the safe use of our services and facilities.

Arriving on campus

You are encouraged to access Covid-19 testing on your return to Leeds and twice a week during teaching weeks, in line with government guidance. You should only come to campus when you have a timetabled session, a confirmed room booking, study space booking or an appointment with a member of staff.

When you arrive at Leeds Conservatoire (St Peter’s Square, Playhouse Square and the Library), please be aware that you may have to queue outside the building. This is to allow flow into the building and to reduce the probability of queues forming inside. You may also be asked why you are coming into the building, to ensure that everyone on site has recorded their attendance via a timetabled class, a room booking or a confirmed appointment.

Regardless of Covid-19, you are always required to carry your ID card with you. You must be ready to show this when you enter the building. You may be refused entry without this proof of identity, so check you are carrying your ID card every time you leave home. 

Track and trace

In order to be compliant with the government’s Track and Trace operation, it is essential that we can identify who has been in the building at any time via the timetable, room bookings and sign in sheets. If you are unable to attend a scheduled on-campus session, you must follow the standard absence reporting procedure.

Around Campus

Safety Floor2

One-way system

A one-way system will be in place in all our buildings, helping everyone to maintain social distancing and to keep safe throughout the building. Tactile and accessible signage throughout the campus will help you, and you can check out the online tour before you arrive to help you get a sense of what this looks like. 

Face coverings

We ask that staff and students wear a face covering in all of our spaces, unless one of the exceptions apply. This includes corridors and communal spaces, teaching and practice rooms, offices and the Library.  

There are some exceptions. You can remove your face covering if it would impact on: 

  • singing or doing vocal work in a timetabled class or booked practice room 
  • playing a wind or brass instrument in a timetabled class or booked practice room 
  • taking part in dance, movement or fitness classes, where the face covering would impact breathing
  • eating or drinking 

or if you are:

  • alone in a timetabled class, booked practice room, staff room, work or study space area (you should replace your face covering if others enter)
  • in a group of up to six people or two households, and either seated or working in a single group with 2m distance between your group and others

In these situations, you must pay particular attention to other mitigations: use of screens, 2m social distancing, regular handwashing and cleaning of equipment.  

We are aware that some students and staff are not able to wear face coverings, and we ask that everyone is respectful of each other. The reasons for not wearing a face covering may not always be visible. 

The conservatoire reserves the right to ask anyone to change their face covering if it is deemed ineffective. In such cases, the conservatoire will provide a mask. 

Hand washing/sanitiser stations

Hand washing/sanitisation stations will be positioned around campus. You should regularly wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser when you move from one part of the building to another, and when you have touched surfaces such as door handles.

Social distancing

Where possible, you will be expected to stay 2m away from others, even those that you live with. Signage and floor markings will be in place to assist you with this. Where 2m is not possible, we will make sure that other mitigations are in place, i.e. wearing of face coverings.

Safety Facilities


Counters will be fitted with Perspex screens to provide protection to those staffing the counter. Enquiries will be dealt with one at a time and a queuing system will be marked out on the floor leading to the counter.

Borrowing instruments and equipment

A bookings system will be in place for advance bookings of musical instruments and equipment from the facilities counter for collection at confirmed times. All instruments and equipment will be returned to a separate room and will be fully cleaned and sanitised before reissue.

Using the toilets

Toilets will have maximum occupancies, and this will be detailed on the tactile and accessible signage on the external bathroom door. A queuing system will be marked out on the floor leading up to the toilets.


Lifts will be limited to essential use only. This will include those who are unable to use the stairs or for the transport of large instruments. The lifts have a maximum occupancy of 1 person (plus a carer or a member of their social bubble as appropriate).

Using Rooms


After you have left a room, you will need to leave the door open to allow maximum airflow before it is next occupied. Rooms are not available for open access. Empty rooms should remain empty until the next booking to allow for cleaning.

Teaching spaces

In teaching spaces there will be screens to be used for separation of activities. You will also find instructions about how to use them and how to clean them after use. Screens must be used for the separation of practical activities when there is more than one person in the room.

Practice rooms and studios

You will be able to book practice rooms and studios in the usual way. We have cancelled all external hires of our facilities during Semester One to make sure you have access to these spaces seven days a week.

Study spaces

The Library, 5th floor at St Peter’s Square and 338 at St Peter’s Square will be bookable for individual study in the same way as rooms. Spaces will be marked out so that study can be undertaken according to social distancing guidelines.

Attending classes

We have staggered the start times of our on-campus classes to prevent multiple people arriving and leaving rooms or buildings at the same time. Please don’t arrive too early to a class as you may not be able to wait outside the room. Tutors will end lessons 10 minutes before the finish time to allow for cleaning. Please leave promptly to enable this cleaning to take place.

Communal Areas

Safety Bar3

Café Bar at St Peter’s Square

The Café:Bar will reopen on Monday 8 March 2021 with a takeaway only service from 8.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday until Easter. The sale of alcohol will not be permitted at this time.

We are not able to allow you to eat within the Café:Bar area - though you may take your purchases to a bookable study space, or packed lunch space, if consuming them off-site is not a practical option for you. You must book the space and you must not eat at a PC study space. Please make sure that you put all rubbish in a bin when you have finished, and clean the area after use.

All customers (staff and students) will be required to sign in with their full name before entering the bar area. Social distancing measures and one-way systems must be adhered to at all times. Please ensure that you listen to any instructions the catering staff might offer you as the rules are in place to ensure that they can operate safely.

Customers can order at the bar or via the Leeds Conservatoire app, available through the App Store, Google Play Store or on a web browser through the following link: https://leedsconservatoire.samtouch2go.com/. Cash payments cannot currently be accepted.


With social distancing in place, fewer people can be in our spaces than usual. As a result, you may find that queues form in certain areas of the building. We ask that you are patient if you must wait, and that you show consideration for others by wearing a face mask and maintaining a 2m social distance. This will be marked out on the floor where possible.

Queues are especially likely at the front entrance to the building and in some of the service areas such as Reception, Facilities Counter, Student Services, Academic Administration and the Library. If it is difficult to maintain social distancing in a queue, you may be asked to come back later, complete your transaction online, or make an appointment to speak to a member of the team (where possible).

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